Promote a Sustainable Food Assistance

We want to Achieve Resiliency and Sustainability by relying Agricultural activities


Africa is dominated by family farming, which relies mainly on family labor, comprised mostly of women. Food insecurity still remains an essentially rural phenomenon. It affects the rural world more than cities, because over 70 percent of the population depends on agriculture for their livelihoods, and the people producing food often do not make enough to feed their families due to the lack of adequate access to means of production (land, manure, tools, and improved seeds), and rural communities are poorer and struggle to buy food

Action Plan:

To Meet agricultural challenge and Ward off Hunger we have put together a road map of the things that we will need to get started.

1.Improve secure access to Land

Land is the basis of agriculture and the physical infrastructural resource vital for food productivity. It is the most important asset of the farmer, providing food for his family while surplus yields can be used to earn extra income. Land management is a very important component of the agro-ecosystem.  Access to land is crucial in order to reduce hunger and promote a sustainable agricultural production.

For Those with no land or sufficient land for their need, Leasing a land is a golden opportunity. For the owner, the  Land will be leased to the tenant in return for a fifth of the crops produced. This Fair and secure arrangement balances to interest of the tenant and the land owner to improve access to land for farming and a better access to food.


2.Provide Improved Seeds

Scientists and agronomists have develop seeds that are higher yielding, more nutritious, and drought and climate resilient to meet these challenges. As the primary basis for agricultural activities subsistence, there is need to select the right species with good genetic potentials, to guarantee a continuous improvement of the production. Food security absolutely depends and relies on seed quality.


3.Provide Basic Agricultural tools

The process of cultivating by hand is a very hard. In Africa, this job is mainly done by Women and sometimes by men. Providing the land recipient with a basic kit is crucial to start cultivating the field s crucial. Together with he land and the seed, the hand equipment will allow the farmer to start as soon as possible. The use of adequate equipment can improve productivity and profitability.


4.Feeding Orphans with the Profit

Each years in Africa, thousands of orphans we few farming or life skills struggle to feed themselves. They can’t get enough food, and the youngers one are even more vulnerable unless they are under the protection and responsibility of nuns in shelters. The Sisters’ only mean to feed the orphans are donations. The Portion of the production taken from the farmer as profit of the Farm leasing will provide a sustainable source of food for the orphans.