Assist Orphans

Orphans are very lonely in their hearth, they may be surrounded by people, but ultimately they feel  abandoned in this world by their parents. They have been received in orphanages for some, but not for others. Our Goal is to be father to these fatherless Children, A hope in a future where there seems to be none, a reason to smile.

Orphans in Nsimalem Yaoundé Cameroon , Welcoming the WM-FAP African Team

By Providing Bags of Rice, Cooking Oil, and Washing SOAP to orphan in orphanages, we aim to alleviate their daily needs, and most important give participate in the effort of other donor who like us give, to maintain these institutions open, and encourage the religious sisters to continue to receive more lonely kids without feeling overwhelmed  .


Orphans in Orphanages and families face issues with household goods such as beds, blankets, towels, cooking utensils, laundry soap and others. Our Goal is to identify and address these in anyways we can.


With School beginning and throughout the year, Orphans either in orphanages or out of them face many challenges such as books, uniforms, book pack, tuition fees and others . Assisting these orphans with school supplies play a huge role in their scholarly success and wellbeing. We want to make sure they are given he same chance as any other students..